I’ve made numerous presentations about electoral systems. Some of the presentation slides are collected here. They bear a strong similarity to each other…

Fair Vote Canada

I was part of a team that constructed this set of slides to be used for a standard “how it works” presentation. If forms the backbone of many of my presentations.

multiple Generic Fair Vote presentation PowerPoint PDF

A script to go with it for a somewhat out-of-date version of the slides in both docx and pdf formats.
The presentation and scripts has a very open copyright; feel free to use it!

Fair Vote Canada Webinars

Slides for an online seminar on different proportional systems.

2017-Oct-21 Multimember Systems PowerPoint PDF Video
2017-Nov-26 Mixed Member Systems PowerPoint PDF Video
2017-Dec-10 Made For Canada Systems PowerPoint PDF Video

Google Canada

A presentation given to the Kitchener office of Google Canada. I quickly cover how the various systems work and then discuss the technicalities of the modelling work.

2017-02-26 Google (Kitchener office) PowerPoint PDF

Math for Good and Evil

University of Waterloo offers a Peace and Conflict Studies class, Math for Good and Evil, for which I have guest-lectured on electoral systems and how their algorithms (a branch of mathematics) can have “good” and “evil” consequences. In the Winter 2021 offering the lecture was recorded due to the pandemic.

2021-03-23 Math for Good and Evil Video