I’ve made numerous presentations about electoral systems. Some of the presentation slides are collected here. They bear a strong similarity to each other…

Fair Vote Canada

I was part of a team that constructed this set of slides to be used for a standard “how it works” presentation. If forms the backbone of many of my presentations.

multiple Generic Fair Vote presentation PowerPoint PDF

A script to go with it for a somewhat out-of-date version of the slides in both docx and pdf formats.
The presentation and scripts has a very open copyright; feel free to use it!

Fair Vote Canada Webinars

Slides for an online seminar on different proportional systems.

2017-Oct-21 Multimember Systems PowerPoint PDF Video
2017-Nov-26 Mixed Member Systems PowerPoint PDF Video
2017-Dec-10 Made For Canada Systems PowerPoint PDF Video

Google Canada

A presentation given to the Kitchener office of Google Canada. I quickly cover how the various systems work and then discuss the technicalities of the modelling work.

2017-02-26 Google (Kitchener office) PowerPoint PDF