Region Stats for Single Transferable Vote (Medium-sized Regions)-2019 (2019 Data)


  • Local MPs: The number of MPs each party elected in local ridings in the specified region.
  • Topup Seats: The number of top-up seats won by each party in the specified region.
  • Over/Under Representation: The difference in number of seats between what a party deserved, based on first choice votes, and the number of seats they actually won. Positive numbers indicate more seats than deserved; negative numbers indicate fewer seats than deserved.
  • Gallagher: The Gallagher Index of Disproportionality for the region.
Local MPsTop-up SeatsOver/Under Representation
Region IdConBlocGrnLibNDPConBlocGrnLibNDPConBlocGrnLibNDPOthGallagher
AB250054000001.520.00-0.970.300.06-0.92 4.1%
BC16041210000001.730.00-1.241.01-0.26-1.24 4.2%
MB70043000000.670.00-0.720.290.08-0.32 5.3%
NB3024100000- 3.7%
NL20032000000.040.00-0.22-0.140.34-0.03 4.4%
NS30152000000.170.00-0.210.45-0.08-0.33 3.6%
ON41055520000001.100.00-2.654.71-0.31-2.85 3.4%
PE1012000000- 7.7%
QC13262307000000.540.75-1.523.26-1.46-1.57 3.8%
SK100013000001.040.00-0.36-0.640.26-0.30 6.7%