Parameters for erre_mmp5050_SmallRegions-MMP_FPTP

This page includes the parameters used to run the model as well as links to the actual data. The input files may be interesting to those who want to really understand a simulation or to even produce a variant.

Simulation Parameters

Parameter set name: erre_mmp5050_SmallRegions-MMP_FPTP
Title: erre_mmp5050_SmallRegions-MMP_FPTP
DB Model Name: erre_mmp5050_SmallRegions
Output directory: erre_mmp5050_SmallRegions-MMP_FPTP
Single-Member Riding election type: FPTP
Multi-Member Riding election type: NA

Input Files

Input files can be found on GitHub:

  • candidates.json: Candidates from an actual election.
  • ridings.json: Information about each real riding (riding id, name, population, area).
  • erre_mmp5050_SmallRegions.json: The riding structure used for this simulation -- mapping FPTP ridings to new ridings, grouping the new ridings into regions, setting district magnitude and the number of top-up seats, etc.