Election Modelling

Election Modelling is where I put my work related to modelling Canadian electoral systems.

Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform

I had the pleasure of presenting my modelling work to the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform (ERRE) on October 19, 2016. This section contains that modelling and written testimony. The next day the committee passed a resolution requesting additional modelling with highly constrained conditions. My report back to the committee is also here.

2016 Modelling

To the extent that the modelling I did for the Special Committee on Electoral Reform is of historical interest, it’s maintained here. For more recent work, see below.

Raw Federal Election Data

There are lots of people who want to use Canadian Federal elections data, but no good source for it. Sure, Elections Canada and the Open Government Portal have the data, but it’s hard to find, and harder still to clean and put into a usable state. This project aims to change that.

Legislative Power Analyses

My current work is focusing on individual measures of equity, similar to how the Gallagher Index measures disproportionality for parties but now focused on individual voters. This section is under active development and subject to lots of change. =

Other Pro-Rep Work

This section is still under development.

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